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first time doberman owner

  1. New to the Dobermann community!

    New member introduction
    Hi all! I just wanted to drop a note in here to introduce myself. I'm from London and very new to the world of Dobermanns. I have been reading this forum a lot over the past few weeks and it's been an invaluable source of information. In fact, I almost bought from a dodgy broker, but luckily...
  2. What do you wish you knew before getting a doberman? First time Doberman owner tips?

    Puppy Corner
    So, I've decided that I should get a doberman for a number of reasons such as temperament, trainability, and maintenance. I am a bit worried though since it will be my first dog ever. I've read up as much as I could for the breed such as the best training techniques for dobes, how to keep their...
  3. Looking into getting a doberman

    New member introduction
    Good morning, I have never owned a dog before but I have been looking into getting a doberman for the past week... I want this decision to be a well thought process and that I have all the information before committing for the next 10-15 years. As I have never owned a dog before, I am...
  4. Wanna-be first time doberman owner looking for breed/breeder advice

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi guys (so sorry about the long post...) I'm brand new to this forum, but have been creeping for a while :). I want to get a doberman puppy sometime in spring or summer of next year. I realize that's a while from now, but its important to me to be as informed as possible before I finally...