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first doberman

  1. First experience cropping, help!

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hi all, I just brought home my puppy last week and on Friday, I had his ears cropped. This is my first Doberman and my first cropping experience and I'm at a loss. Since going through this process, I have looked at many of the forums and now understand that the breeder ideally should have...
  2. Just got my dobe pup's ears cropped. HELP!

    Puppy Corner
    This morning, I dropped off my dobe puppy Odin off to get his cropping procedure done. My husband wanted to get it done, but I didn't. The vet definitely made me feel awful, stating how much pain he will be in. This is my first Doberman! What should I expect? How can I ease his pain? I feel...
  3. New and Adopted Our First Doberman This Week

    New member introduction
    Hello everyone! My name is Jessica and my family [husband, son and current dog] are 5 days in on our in-home trial period with our adopted Doberman. A little bit about us, my son is 6 and hubs and I are 30, we adopted our first dog a year ago who is a German shepherd mix. He was about 3 months...