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  1. Puppy starter kit-- ***feedback please***

    Puppy Corner
    Hey guys, Just trying to solicit some feedback on starting with a new puppy. I found some articles but didn't see any single post that had the bulk of info in it. This is my second Dobie-- I got my first Doberman 16 years ago and she's been gone for almost 5 years so it's been awhile. I'm...
  2. Iams vs Pro Plan vs Holistic Select for 6 month old

    Food and Feeding
    Hi everyone! I'm new here. I owned my previous Dobe for 11 years and lost him to cancer in October. I have a 6 month old red boy now named Drake & I need some food advice. Breeder had him on Iams Proactive Health Large Breed Adult from day one, so I kept him on it. He looks beautiful, no gas...
  3. How long does dog food keep?

    Food and Feeding
    Hello everybody, I will be getting a new doberman in a month and I want to get him a bag of the dog food he will have been eating before I took him home. However it is a Costco brand dog food and we don't have a Costco in my town. So I was wondering if I could get a bag now and it would keep...
  4. Picky Eater

    Doberman Health
    Lately Sy hasn't been eatting that well. The only difference in food is that I've been mixing Proaction health dog chow into the puppy chow he's use to. But the last 5 days he hasn't touched it without me adding something to it. ie chicken stock, a small cube of cheese, bacon, a treat. Questions...
  5. Feeding

    Puppy Corner
    My lil guy is 13wks old. I'm wondering if I shud keep food out so he can eat whenever he's hungry? Right now he eats b4 work and after. But he comes to work w me at a horse rescue and is very active helpin out or playin w boss's 7yr heeler and her 7mo reteriver. Just looks like he's a lil skinny...
  6. New to site- First Dobie puppy. Seeking advice from the seasoned :)

    Puppy Corner
    Hello there! I am new to this forum and above all else Doberman ownership. I am soon going to be the proud parent of (hopefully) a red male. I am due to meet him sometime soon. At any rate, I will be having his ears cropped (IMO I love their regal appearance, and understand a majority of what it...
  7. ***What brand of dry dog/puppy food would you recommend?***

    Doberman Health
    I just got a new Dobie and am interested in asking the breeders or anyone with experience what type of food you would recommend. I am considering a few brands: Innova Lg Breed Puppy/Solid Gold WolfCub/Chicken Soup Lg Breed Puppy. *I am looking for a food that doesn't give my puppy soft stools...
  8. How much should I be feeding...

    Puppy Corner
    Hey guys my girl is 11 weeks on Thursday. She weighs 18.4 lbs. How much should she be getting per meal. I feed her 3x a day approx 8 oz each feeding. She seems hungry ALL the time. Thanks!
  9. Me first!? You're first?! Who's on first!?

    Puppy Corner
    I've read that the people should eat first and then the dog, however. this just doesn't seem to work out at my house. I get up in the morning, Bella is ready to eat, of course, and there is no way I can eat before her. I take her out to do her business, we come back in and she ready for...