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  1. Can I let my puppy play in the back yard by himself while I'm home?

    Puppy Corner
    My Doberman is almost 5 months old and I did what everyone does when you get a puppy....I got fence. So now I have a 120ft x 120 fenced in back yard and I was all excited to let him go out and play. now though, I'm reading on the internet that might not be teh best idea in th world. I work...
  2. Acceptable Level of Exercise

    Doberman Health
    I have posted a bit over the last 6 weeks about several issues I have had with Murphy (1 year now) and mentioned a bit about the excercise I have been giving him. Several posters have pointed out that the excercise I am giving him is a bit excessive for his age. Murphy gets out for hikes...