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  1. Evahart Dobermans? Help!

    Breeding and Breeders
    Has anyone heard of Evahart Dobermans in Redding, CA? I found her on AKC marketplace. She specializes in European Dobermans. I've been doing a ton of research and so far she seems trustworthy. I'm just a bit skeptical because she seems rather unknown in the breeding community. I haven't been...
  2. Wanting a European Doberman

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi all! I am new to Doberman talk and this is my first post! I am new to the Doberman breed as well. I have previously owned a German Shepherd. She was the best dog in the world. I had her from 2nd grade to my senior year of college. She was 13 and 1/2 and we sadly had to put her down in August...
  3. Von Rein Dobermans

    Breeding and Breeders
    Has anyone heard of Von Rein Dobermans in Ohio, or have one of their pups? I would love to know more about your experience as we're thinking of getting a pup from them!
  4. Understanding European Pedigree

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hello, My family has been looking for a European Doberman for quite some time and may have found the breeder we might be purchasing a puppy from. I was reading into the pedigree of the dam a bit last night and found something quite disturbing. The dam is an import from Ukraine, a kennel called...
  5. Looking for reputable European doberman breeder

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi i'm looking for a reputable European doberman breeder in the Ontario area. Anyone have experience and know of trusted breeders? Thank you in advance
  6. Ok, but seriously

    Breeding and Breeders
    I have never owned a Doberman before, but would like to get a puppy in early 2018. I have no experience with the breed, but am very interested in a European bloodline doberman. My main concern is health and longevity of the dog, and good living conditions for the dogs being bred (no puppy...
  7. Looking for a good Doberman Breeder Quebec or Ontario Area

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi, I'am looking for a good doberman breeder in Quebec or Onatrio area. In Quebec they banned ear cropping so the prices for a puppy is roughly 3500 which I find steep. And some places no longer offer ear cropping because they don't want the hassle to go out of the province to crop ears. I'm...
  8. Anyone hear ever heard of Kevlar Dobermans before?

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi, I'm doing a ton of research and learning a lot about the doberman breeding community. Normally I can screen breeders pretty well but I can't really tell with this one. Does anyone have any experience with this breeder? If it's a definite no-go, does anyone have any recommendations for a...
  9. Looking for a Euro Dobe

    Breeding and Breeders
    These questions may seem novice, but here it goes... I am looking for a European Doberman. I have read a lot of old threads on here already and know Im going to get a lot of backlash for this... but in my personal preference I like the Altobello appearance. I was previously looking at King of...
  10. A big Hello from the Big Apple

    New member introduction
    Hello! I'm pretty new to DT, and new to the breed as well, but I've loved Doberman my whole life. While I wanted one while I live in New York, my family and I are moving into what will most likely be a home and a yard; seems like a great time to get one! ... Well, after we settle in, of...
  11. Texas Euro Dobermans

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi, I'm new to DT and still trying to learn how to navigate through this site. Well, I've been looking for a European Doberman for some time but can't seem to find any that I like. Personally, I prefer the looks and build of a Euro. I'm not new to the Doberman breed. Also I am in the US...
  12. Can people give there thoughts on this Breeder please? Thank you

    Breeding and Breeders
    So, i am looking to buy a puppy here in Europe, i live in Denmark. I have been looking at this breeder: BestaNera Dobermann Kennel, Obrenovac He seems like a nice person, answers questions etc when i email however, i would like to know what you think based from the website and if you have any...
  13. What to expect from a European/American Doberman Mix??

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hello, I'm living down in Mexico in Puerto Vallarta, and Habana (my bitch) will have her 4th heat, and I want to breed her, but here, in this area, I can't find a Pedigree American Doberman male, I found an European one, and I've been wondering, if I put them together, would that be good? what...
  14. Looking4Puppy: Red European build Companion Male

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hello, I have been researching dobermans and am looking to purchase as a first time Dobie owner. Their intelligence, training capabilities, and natural protectiveness are some of the many things that appeal to me. I have experience with dogs and one of the joys of having a pet is...
  15. Questions about a Strange Breeder

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hello all-- I recently responded to an ad on Kijiji for Doberman puppies. I noticed that there were four black and rust females in the litter. The breeder wanted $800--this is in Southern Ontario. The ad stated that the parents were Euro imports and the grandparents were International...