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european dobermans

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    I live in Puyallup, WA. Have been looking for a quality breeder of European blood line, and European breeding standards. This includes where the breed is a bit thicker, and not slim as most American breeding as created. I am not looking for a show dog, but a good companion. Are there any...
  2. Need advice on a Euro Breeder

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    Hello to All, About me: I'm from California. I'm looking for a euro Doberman best friend. I'm planning on joining a shutzhound club in my area. I want to offer my future best friend a balanced life. The research: I was looking for a breeder in the states but after doing research I found out...
  3. European doberman breeders in New England?

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    My Fiance and I agreed that we would buy a Doberman (my dream since I was 12). Well, we have the house now we are looking for our dog. I've come across some pages describing the European Doberman vs the American. The European seemed to be bulkier with a larger head where the American ones had a...