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  1. Infected ears from cropping

    Doberman Health
    Hi, I’m new here. I just purchased my Dobermann from a breeder. I picked him up a few days ago. I took him to the vet for his “well visit” and the vet said he has a double ears yeast infection. And the tip of his left ear is bent over. I need to know what I can use to remove the adhesive...
  2. can ears be reposted after being down for a month

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hello everyone. I have a ten month dobie who "accidentally" got a long show crop and have been a pain to get to stand. His crop was done a little late, at 11 weeks when we got him, which I'm sure is contibuting to the time it is taking to stand. After 4-5 months of posting he developed some...
  3. Ear Cropping

    Puppy Corner
    Where Can I Find A Vet That Does Ear Cropping Within The Okanagan? If Not Can Anyone Reccomend One Within Vancouver Area?