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  1. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hi, this is my first Doberman and I got the ears done late like 12 weeks because I couldn’t get an appointment around Christmas. She has a show crop and her ears are long but one won’t stand ? If I keep posting will it stand? She currently about to be 7 months in 4 weeks
  2. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Can anyone recommend a Vet that does ear cropping in Virginia or nearby. My previous vet is retiring 😢
  3. Doberman Health
    My vet is closed over the weekend I feel like my 11 week old Dobermans ears are infected. Her surgery was 3 days ago she hasn’t been scratching and she has been eating and drinking regularly she does shake her cone a lot on her head back and forth but we try to tell her no as much as we can. I’m...
  4. Southeast US Region
    Hello everyone! I am new to the site and live in Atlanta, Ga. I have an almost 4 month old dobie. (First time dobie owner!) it was also my first time posting tonight and it was pretty difficult. I tried the backer rod method. I am wondering if there are any vets in the surrounding area or even...
  5. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Just got my Doberman yesterday. She's 8 weeks old today and I am in desperate need of a vet who does Ear Cropping. I am located in San Diego, CA and they want $1400 for the procedure. The closest one i found was about 3 hours away also.... Please if anyone know where I can go to get them done...
  6. Doberman Health
    I want to start off by saying that I feel awfully horrible for my dog, and his ears. I believe I wrapped the ear too tight and it developed necrosis, leading him to lose ear tissue. I took him to the vet today, and they gave me 2 suggestions: re-crop the ears to avoid spreading OR give him...
  7. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hi! I took Diesel, to my vet (who has done crops before) to crop his ears. He went on Monday. They had him stay overnight and I picked him up Tuesday. i was told to bring him back Thursdayto remove sutures… which i have read should be removed until 7-10 days after surgery. I also researched...
  8. Puppy Corner
    Hello, so i got a doberman puppy and i dont know if i will go to vet for him to crop her ears or not and im in that dilema for a few months now. I am researching a lot, and the biggest reason i dont want my puppy to get ears cropped is because of the pain. And the reason i want her ears cropped...
1-8 of 9 Results