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ear posting
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  1. Puppy Corner
    I just got my girl's ears cropped two weeks ago and she's in her posts. However I'm having a problem with the post on the right ear where the base keeps coming out when she shakes her head or is playing with my adult dobie. I've used the foam 1/2" caulk saver that many people have recommended...
  2. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Lima has been off the post for about a week and his ears were perfectly straight. Just yesterday he was running around a field playing and he ears stayed right in place. This morning we woke up to find the picture below and his ears are once again in the posts. What could have possibly caused...
  3. Puppy Corner
    So my little boy is almost three months now. When I first had his ears cropped the vet that did it used nylon inserts so that I wouldn't have to post. The inserts came out a few weeks later and they were okay, but every time he would see something interesting his ears would go up and cross each...
  4. Puppy Corner
    So what kind of ear cropping would you recommend for a pet doberman? I know the taller crops take longer and such but I feel vicious for taking alot of his little ears off ( he still has a while before he gets them done of course but as a concerned parent I like to be informed) also their are...
  5. Ear Cropping and Posting
    RE: HELP new owner cropped ears problem! Hello all, I am new to dobermantalk, it has been a great resource helping me raise my 4 month old Doberman, Jazz. I learned how to post ears properly from this website. Ok, so here are some pictures of my dog. He has a short/medium crop. I have...
  6. Puppy Corner
    I had posted this in the ear posting thread, but as it's so old, I imagine it doesn't get much traffic anymore.. So here I go again. **** My pup's breeder has been posting for me until recently.. I will be going on vacation in 2 weeks for 8 days by a lake and so should know how to post as I...
  7. 4 Months - Ears Done

    Once again, my vet Dr has done a great job. 3 weeks and her ears are done being posted!!
  8. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hello everyone. I have a ten month dobie who "accidentally" got a long show crop and have been a pain to get to stand. His crop was done a little late, at 11 weeks when we got him, which I'm sure is contibuting to the time it is taking to stand. After 4-5 months of posting he developed some...
  9. Puppy Corner
    here is a link to our youtube video on ear posting. We'd like to hear your feedback from experienced handlers please! Easy ear posting - Doberman - - YouTube Thanks!
  10. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hello all, Im new to this site with a 12 week old pup. We picked him up from the breeder last week and he showed me how to properly tape the ears. Although I have taped ears before, I'm looking for someone in the West Palm, Delray, Deerfield Beach area that is experienced in taping ears...
  11. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Kaydee is now 5 months old. She weighs 60 Lbs. I think she is going to be quite big? Her ear crop is beautiful the problem is they want to fold inwards. Any ideals how get the ears to straighten? I posted new pictures of Kaydee in the gallery. Thanks, Edie
  12. Puppy Corner
    Hey everyone, I'm a little concerned with my pups cropped ears. Over the last two weeks I've noticed the tips of his ears look a little swollen and maybe even bruised? Is this normal? Should i be concerned? I just dont want it to be an infection or something bad starting. Next time I take...
  13. Puppy Corner
    I need help finding a person who is willing and able to crop my husbands new pups ears. Even if it is just a phone number to some one who can crop the pups ears we would greatly appriciate it :) SamnShannonKang
  14. Puppy Corner
    I posted my puppy's ears for the first time today and he is "rejecting" them - violently shaking his head and scratching at them. He has already managed to dislodge the first pair and pair 2 is in. WWhat can I do to get him to stop shaking them? Will it get better - will he get used to them?
  15. Puppy Corner
    I backtape the post, stretch and tack the tip with tape, and wrap the ear in that self adhesive gauze. This is less stressful to pup and owner when removing, and no sticky residue. What are your thoughts.
  16. Puppy Corner
    My doberman King is 7 months tomorrow and i am having problems with his left ear. His right ear has been standing for the past month or two but his left ear isnt doing well. I have been taping his ear and letting it down every day for increased lengths of time every day to strengthen it and it...
21-37 of 37 Results