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ear crop infection

  1. Help!! Stitch got ripped out

    Puppy Corner
    So our Doberman pup got his ears done 4 days ago. Last night a big scab fell off and it looks like the stitch is gone. It’s on the bottom. It did scab overnight. I contact my vet who is almost two hours away and sent him a picture. He said it looks okay just put some neoaporin on the area. I...
  2. Ear cropping healing process?

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hi, My uncle got his 3 months old dobie's ear cropped and I do not know if it's normal for the ears to look this way. This is our first dobie and first cropping, so we do not have any idea. We had it done through a friend who's been cropping ears for 12 years and he told us to let the ear heal...
  3. limp cropped ear

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hi ! I'm new to this I was looking for answers on my puppy I had his ears cropped at like 10 wweeks or so and now he's 16wks one of them stands up fine but the other on just kinda goes limp halfway .it doesn't seem to stay up more then a day. Oh also aabout two weeks ago he had an ear infection...
  4. ear posting - 2nd opinion please!

    Puppy Corner
    Hey everyone, I'm a little concerned with my pups cropped ears. Over the last two weeks I've noticed the tips of his ears look a little swollen and maybe even bruised? Is this normal? Should i be concerned? I just dont want it to be an infection or something bad starting. Next time I take...
  5. Ears Cropped, Posting Infection

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hi Everyone, Bailey is 10weeks old now and we have started posting her ears with the help of our breeder. I have been reading here and there about posting ears and I know that the ears should not be posted if infected. Her breeder told us it's normal and asked us to buy Surolan Drops(which we...
  6. Ear crop - how do I know if there's infection

    Puppy Corner
    Hi guys - new to the forum and new dobe owner. Wrigley is just had her ears cropped on the 8th. She just turned 9 wks on the 10th. The vet I went to wrapped and taped ears, did not use any support inbetween the ears. I do have a question about infection though, as this is my biggest fear...