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dry skin

  1. What to feed (dry skin)

    Food and Feeding
    Hi guys, new to DT so bear with me. I got my Dobie Rosie a few days ago. She's around 2 (or so we where told). A little chubby but we're taking her out for lots of exercise. For a Doberman I'd say she's on the lower end of the energy scale. She's had pups before but we weren't given too much...
  2. Itching Puppy :?

    Puppy Corner
    Hello once again. It seems to be that my puppy is scratching the back of her front legs with her rear legs and she also nibbles on her hind legs. She is developing hairless spots that look like dry skin. Ive talked to multiple people and everyone says its either food alergies or dry skin...
  3. Extremely dry skin/coat

    Doberman Health
    Hi guys - It has been a looong time since I have been here! But I have a question regarding Wrigley's coat. She is extremely dry, flaky, and not just her skin, her coat itself is very dry and she seems to be shedding alot. I feed her Blue buffalo chicken /brown rice and I put fish oil and vit...
  4. Bumps and acne?

    Doberman Health
    Our pup is just 9 months, since about 4 months old she started getting really itchy, dry skin. She also started biting at her feet a lot. She was tested for allergies and came back negative...though the vet believed it could be seasonal. Since the summer is over, the biting has pretty much...