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  1. Puppy Corner
    Hello, I'll be getting a puppy in the coming months and the breeder has been feeding her dogs raw food for some time. I was wondering for this breed, is one better than the other in terms of raw diets vs kibble? Raw feeding is relatively new to me and I've fed all my other dogs on kibble and...
  2. Food and Feeding
    I've searched high and low gor purina pro plan focus for large breed adults and cannot find it anywhere. I'm not a big fan of the proplan large breed in comparison, especially if it's the same price, but has less? I am currently making the switch to OpenFarms chicken & ancient grain dry food...
  3. Food and Feeding
    hey there, I have a 9wk old dobe boy called Rox and im trying to find the best food for him! when we got him his breeder has had him on a raw meat diet with dry bickys in the mix - he loves it but wolfs it down and slowly eats the bickys. i did want to put him on purina dry food for puppies...
1-3 of 4 Results