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  1. Draw the Dog Doberman cartoon is online now

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    Words can't express how grateful Jim and I are for the amazing flood of ideas and suggestions you gave us regarding our full color Doberman cartoon. I hope we came close to capturing your visions. Here's our new Doberman cartoon. With fingers crossed, I'll be following this thread to see what...
  2. Cartoonist request: photos of "the lean?"

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    Hi, everyone. Jim from is working on our color Doberman cartoon this weekend and he asks if anyone has photos of the Doberman lean. I suspect this is hard to photo, but this forum seeks to have LOTS of photos...
  3. Cartoonist wants advice about Doberman pose

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    I'm co-founder of, and we are working on a cartoon of a Doberman, part of our series of breed-specific, color cartoons. Here are some examples of our other designs: Lab: Lab - a full color Draw the Dog cartoon inspired by hundreds of Lab stories Golden: Golden - a full color Draw...
  4. Doberman featured on Draw the Dog

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    FYI, we just posted a new cartoon inspired by a Doberman. It will be featured on the home page at through tomorrow (Monday) night. For those of you who don't know, the site features dog cartoons that seem to draw themselves, and each one is inspired by a real dog, who gets...
  5. Make your dog famous - Draw the Dog

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    I'm one of the co-founders of a new site called Draw the Dog, where we post one dog cartoon per day. Each cartoon draws itself - you have to see it to understand. All the cartoons are inspired by real dogs, and the dogs get credit. So we'd love to hear stories about crazy, intelligent, amazing...