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  1. Doberman Related Chat
    Hi All! We are doing an engineering project for school and we are trying to find a solution to tangled dog leashes. We would greatly appreciate it if you could fill out this survey. Thanks! tangled leash survey
  2. Doberman Related Chat
    My dog just met with an accident and got injured. The physio showed a few exercises for my dog and strictly warned me to make sure that my dog does not overdo these exercise. It there any machine that keeps the count of each exercise ? I tried but I lost the count very often.
  3. Puppy Corner
    hey guys, ive been using entirely pets for almost a year now and they have served me so well, and theyve got absolutley anything your dog could need besides perscription meds, go check it out! EntirelyPets - Online Pet Supplies
  4. Breeding and Breeders
    Hi! So I've seen quite a few threads about Foxfire (please dont kill me :cheeseygr ) but they'd didnt really answer the questions that i was looking for so i set up an account to find more info. So ill post my questions and if anyone could kindly answer them that would be great! How much are...
  5. General Training & Obedience
    So.. we got our beautiful Dobie from my dad-in-law. She's almost a year old now but she WON'T bark! We got her at about 5 months and it was an adjustment going from her being an outside dog to an inside dog but we're finally at a good spot! She's potty trained! No more kennel and she's learning...
  6. Puppy Corner
    Hey Everyone, Anyone have any suggestions or experience with dog drying up grass? My boy seems to be peeing lava that drys the grass and I am only allowed to water the grass 3 times a week at specific times (City law). We are in a drought and I'm about to go all cement if my grass keeps dying...
  7. Doberman Health
    My rescue Doberman has been diagnosed with the last stages with DCM. I have him 3 months. The vet says he has about 6 weeks. I have been given him coidine in the night and in the morning. it keeps him calm. he lives with a hyper active yorkie and the trick seems to be to keep them quiet. The vet...
  8. Dancer

    Dancer passed away several years ago. He was the most gentle male we ever owned but his bark was pretty fierce
1-8 of 53 Results