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dog parks

  1. Recently moved to Eugene, Oregon! Advice on best dog parks?

    Northwest US Region
    Ones around Auzten Row/UO area especially! :2smile:
  2. Is your dog a good Dog Park candidate?

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    Lately, phrases like "take him to the dog park and let him figure it out" have been thrown around a lot on this forum. To me, this is a huge issue. Dog parks are full of people who know very little to nothing about dogs and the signals that they give off. Most of the people that frequent dog...
  3. Nature's most beautiful art

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    This is Mari (my dobe) and Shanoa (belonging to Meadowcat on the doberman forum). When you look at a Dobe, it's like looking at art. IMO. Meadowcat was Mari's foster mom and we've started to get together once in a while at the park. YouTube - Running free