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dog food

  1. What do you feed your dogs?

    Doberman Health
    Hello-- I am curious what you all are feeding your dobes; brands included please! I have spent way too many hours of my life researching dog food and nutrients and supplements and everything of the sort- and just as I am feeling confident in my dogs diet, I read about the DCM study and the...
  2. new food always starving???

    Food and Feeding
    So I have a 10 month old girl, and just switched her from eating Canidae Pure Sea to Merrick Salmon and Sweet Potato. She gets 2 meals a day. Since switching foods she acts like she is STARVING constantly...I can't feed her enough. I keep trying to keep her on the 2 meals a day, but she gobbles...
  3. How long does dog food keep?

    Food and Feeding
    Hello everybody, I will be getting a new doberman in a month and I want to get him a bag of the dog food he will have been eating before I took him home. However it is a Costco brand dog food and we don't have a Costco in my town. So I was wondering if I could get a bag now and it would keep...
  4. Freaking out about Acana.

    Food and Feeding
    We are on Taste of the wild right now. Hoping to switch to Acana in 15 days. I'm freaking out. I'm just nervous about how it will sit with her, now being elderly, over 12 years old. Hoping its not to "rich" for her, because I'M NOT rich.. Would be a drag to have to throw out 28 pounds of Acana...
  5. Sentient Biotic Plus dog food

    Food and Feeding
    I have recently seen and purchased (but not used) a dog food called Sentient Biotic Plus (dry food). I believe it is an Australian made dog food and therefore may only be available in Australia. If anyone has ever heard of this brand or has feed this to their dog, I woud appreciate your opinions.
  6. Kirkland Premium Puppy - Any Good?

    Puppy Corner
    Hello, I've read a bit about the Kirkland dog food from Costco. Is seems that a lot of members on here are quite happy with the product. My question is in regards to the puppy line. My doberman is just 5 months and 45lbs. Since this is not a large breed puppy food, will it cause too rapid...
  7. Changing food, input appreciated!

    Doberman Health
    We've been feeding Beneful for a few years now with no problems, but I heard fairly recently for the first time that it's not exactly the best thing for my dogs. I did some research on it and it's definitely not giving them what I'd like them to have. I talked to my vet and called two other...
  8. My Spikes Coat issues ..please help

    Doberman Health
    So spike is a year old red dobie this month and these coat issues have been going on for about 5 months now. i noticed more hair loss after he was neutered. He has had all labs done and skin scrapings come back negative. Vet tells me it must be food allergy. so i have constantly been switching...