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  1. Docking Question

    Puppy Corner
    We recently bought a 7 week old doberman male. My question is regarding his tail: At first appearance it looks fine, however there's enough loose skin after the last remaining vertibrae to cover at least 1-2 more vertibrae of tail bone. Is there supposed to be that much extra at his age? We...
  2. Breeders In Europe Selling Docked/Cropped

    Breeding and Breeders
    I would like to know if there are any breeders in Europe where docking/cropping is still legal that use Ellendonk, Weyermuhle, Mooreiche, Doberwache, Burgstatte or Von Bayern in their breedling lines?
  3. Ears uncropped? Tail long and waggy?

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Does anyone have a flop eared, long tail dobe from a top breeder? Is it reasonable, if preferred, to request that the pup be delivered unsnipped? My wife and I aren't against the practice, but simply prefer the look...... :sunglasses2: Thanks!!
  4. Mercedes is going in for surgery tomorrow

    Puppy Corner
    Hello Everyone! I'm a first time dobie owner. My little girl(Mercedes) is 9 weeks today. She's going in for her ear cropping/re-docking tomorrow. I'm quite nervous about the whole ordeal, and feel like I'm putting my baby at risk for solely cosmetic purposes :( She is positive for giardia, which...
  5. Bill 186 in Nova Scotia (debarking,docking,dewclaw removal and cropping)

    Canada Region
    Cross Posted from Canadian Show Dogs Posted by: "Lendra Barker" [email protected] rebadobe Sun Mar 1, 2009 5:51 pm (PST) Hello All, In November 2008,the NS Legislature passed a new Animal Protection Law, know as Bill 186.At the last minute the NS SPCA presented an amendment that...