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dobie puppy

  1. Seeking a breeder in the Tri-state area

    Breeding and Breeders
    Seeking advice/ direction please (Puppy) Hey guys, I just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself.. I love the doberman breed and have my entire life.. I got my first (and only) dobie at 14; she lived 11 years and I've beed without a companion for 5 years... Closing on a house in 2...
  2. Good Morning - New Member searching for Dobie puppy

    New member introduction
    Good morning everyone, my name is Bill, we are looking for a new Doberman puppy. We've had large breed dogs (German Shepards) for some time....any thoughts on reputable breeders in and around northern CT that have good family dogs (that will also protect when needed) who will be reasonable in...
  3. Trouble Rolling Over

    General Training & Obedience
    Hey guys, I have a female dobie that is 9 months old and I am trying to teach her to roll over. I got her when she was about 7 1/2 months old so she has had some time to warm up to me. I am in the process of teaching her all of the proper manners and tricks, now roll over is next on the...
  4. Exploring The Yard

    Exploring The Yard

    Vito checks out the yard and all the fun plants.
  5. Vito All Worn Out

    Vito All Worn Out

    It was a long day of playing.
  6. Day 1 - Sleepy

    Day 1 - Sleepy

    He loves to cuddle when he's tired.
  7. Car Rides

    Car Rides

    Vito loves riding in cars and sits like such a little man.
  8. Day 1

    Day 1

    He was so small at first.
  9. The Don Vito

    The Don Vito

    Striking man.
  10. Vito & Gabby

    Vito & Gabby

    Vito just loves playing outside with my niece.