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  1. Feverhaus Doberman NY

    Breeding and Breeders
    I have recently come across Feverhaus Doberman in Long Island, NY and just got off the phone with Mitch. He seems like a really nice and upfront guy about his breeding and suggested I do further research to be completely sure he is the right breeder for me. If you have purchased or bred with...
  2. Fearful Doberman

    Doberman Related Chat
    I just got a 4 month old Doberman pincher she is very fearful and she just sits there and doesn’t wanna move I have to carry her. She won’t eat or drink not even get up to go potty she literally just sits and lays there what should I do to help her.
  3. What do you think our Doberman is mixed with?

    New member introduction
    Hi there! I am new to Doberman Talk, but I am active on Doberman Chat. So we have a 7 month old baby named Kobe. As his father was an AKC registered Doberman, his mother was not. We've been told many times that he can be mixed or he is just all Doberman. As a puppy, he seemed to have a lot of...
  4. Welcome Baby Nubia. Question about ear crop.

    New member introduction
    Hello DT, Longtime lurker here. I recently got my baby girl Nubia from a BYB. She is 9 weeks and just got her ears cropped today. I have attached some images. I've seen some people do the cuphead method but my vet told me to just let them hang until the stitches come out (Which is planned for...
  5. New members :)

    New member introduction
    hello, my name is Laura, i registered here as i am trying to gather as much information as possible about this amazing breed. since i was a little girl ive always loved doberman dogs, i relate to them somehow. i have been lucky enough to meet my partner Alex who is a dobe over too. We are...
  6. My Dobie gets scared and pee all over

    Doberman Health
    Hi everyone, here after a long time. My female dobe is now almost an year old but there a problem. She had UTI when she was 4 months old but it was cured. Now whenever someone visit our home (friends/family) she keeps barking and does not come close or trust them easily. If someone approaches to...
  7. Beware monica blue / crestline dobermans

    Breeding and Breeders
    DO NOT purchase a doberman from Monica. I just recently purchased a puppy from her and she is EXTREMELY hard to deal with. Once you give her your money she will not respond to any of your emails and when she does it will be very short and limited communication. She is very rude over emails as...
  8. Difficult to find a natural Doberman

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    I am new to the world of Dobermans, though I have always been intrigued by the breed. They are elegant, beautiful, and tough at the same time. They steal my attention whenever they show up. So after losing my 14 year old pup this past year, I have decided to research more about a potential Dobe...
  9. 5mo Doberman having allergies

    Food and Feeding
    My 5month old Doberman who's name is Pablo was perfect when I brought him home. However soon after the transition process I switched him off what his breeder had been feeding him to raw dog food. Again everything seemed to be going well. At Pablo's veterinarian visit the vet told me to not feed...
  10. Newbie

    New member introduction
    Hey all! I was looking up floating rib in Dobermans and came across this page... I think I attached an Instagram photo, I attached the link at least... this was us hiking to Tinker Falls in NY two years ago the other is us at McConnells Mills State Park. He's getting older, almost 12 so the...
  11. Alpha the Dobie - Peritonitis

    Rainbow Bridge
    Hi Everyone, My name is Kevin and I am a new member here at DobermanTalk. Some of you may have seen my posts in other threads about my family and I losing our beloved Doberman, Alpha, just three weeks ago. Through the encouragement of DobermanTalk member, Hilary, we decided to share our...
  12. Should I get a Doberman?

    New member introduction
    Hello, I am wanting to buy my first Doberman. I have owned dogs in the past, however they were family dogs and this will be the first dog I am caring for on my own. I know they are a difficult breed so I wanted to ask the community whether or not it'd be a good idea for me to have one. I have...
  13. RM Dobermans

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hello everyone, I decided to start a thread on this forum to share my experience with the breeder Royal Majestic or RM Dobermans. While I was looking for my dog, I tried to find reviews online and came on this website. There was not many details or many reviews on them so now I wish to make...
  14. Doberman and Apartments/Socialization

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi everybody. I was hoping I could get some advice for Doberman health and socialization. My fiancé and I are getting married in about a year or so, and will most likely be moving into an apartment. If possible, I would love to bring my baby, but I want to put her health and wellness first...
  15. Slightly Crooked Doberman Ear Tip

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Currently have a Doberman pup who just turned seven months. Her ears are only recently standing (backer rod method) and one seems to be somewhat crooked at the top. I don't want to keep using the whole backer rod if I don't have to. Any tips for how to straighten it out, or alternatively, do...
  16. Wanted - 1-3 Year Old Male for Adoption

    Doberman Rescue
    We recently lost our beloved companion Doberman, Dasher. We are hoping to find another Doberman to adopt to add to our family. We are both retired, are very active, and live in Maryland. We hope to adopt a 1-3 year old, black and tan, male Doberman that loves to go for walks, is great with...
  17. Von Rein Dobermans

    Breeding and Breeders
    Has anyone heard of Von Rein Dobermans in Ohio, or have one of their pups? I would love to know more about your experience as we're thinking of getting a pup from them!
  18. Understanding European Pedigree

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hello, My family has been looking for a European Doberman for quite some time and may have found the breeder we might be purchasing a puppy from. I was reading into the pedigree of the dam a bit last night and found something quite disturbing. The dam is an import from Ukraine, a kennel called...
  19. Pro Handler Neeeded for Lebanon, IN Shows

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hello, I'm looking for a pro handler for one of my puppies from the Ricky Bobby X Abby litter of 2016 for the Lebanon, IN shows in September. I would appreciate recommendations and contact information, if anyone knows of someone that could take a bitch into Am Bred. Thanks, Leslie Carpenter...
  20. Should I get a doberman?

    Doberman Related Chat
    I am thinking about getting a doberman in the future and have done some research on the breed but I am still on the edge about getting one because of my limited experience with dogs and the size and strength of a Doberman. As much as the type of dog is appealing to me, i fear that if it goes...