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  1. Doberman Rescue
    So sad for this little cutie. The current owner actually says she will pay whoever takes her $60...:confused: I would hate for her to end up with an abuser so I thought I would share just in case anybody is interested in adopting. free doberman
  2. Daydreaming

    She had been enthusiastically chewing her Kong right before I took this photo. She lost interest in the toy the moment the camera was pointed at her.
  3. Chilling Outdoors

    I took this photo in my backyard while Willow and I were enjoying the warm weather.
  4. Mocha In Motion

    She is a difficult whipper snapper to capture.
  5. New member introduction
    Greetings Everyone. I'm from a small city in Wisconsin where both my partner and I are fortunate to say that we now have four happy faces in our family. Our precious Tangerine (adopted adult cat) that we've had for five years and now we also have our sweet four year old Mocha. This will be my...
  6. Mocha's First Day Home

    Mocha relaxing on the futon after her bath on her first day at her forever home.
1-6 of 6 Results