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doberman love

  1. New member to forum, dealing with critical DCM

    Doberman Health
    Hello all! I am happy to be joining this forum as I have to say, it has helped me a great deal in decision making and coping over the last couple of weeks. My girl, India, 9 years old, went in for her yearly exam in June this year, of which she was fine, and on October 8, 2013 she went in for...
  2. Ganon! My super clingy and very opinionted Dobie!

    New member introduction
    GANONDORF Ganon for short. This is my nine week old monster. A little more about our tiny family, Ganon came to me on my birthday [May first] I am a single mother of an ALMOST year old baby girl who is absolutely obsessed with Ganon. We live in Ventura, California where I am a dog groomer. Ganon...
  3. Please help a teenage girl to be able to afford her first Dobie!

    Puppy Corner
    I am going to get a doberman. Dobermans are, in my opinion, the most beautiful, loyal, and loving breed. I clean a house every other saterday, He had 2 dobermans, and that is how I was brought into the world of Dobies, and how I fell in love with them. Unfortunately his favorite baby girl Izzy...
  4. Hi- I am new here

    New member introduction
    Hi everyone, I am Daisy Mae's mom. She is a red dobe with natural ears and a nub tail =] I am told she is ak (whatever the other letter is) certified and i have the papers from her parents bloodlines somewhere but we got her from a puppy store totally not when we had expected to have a dog. My...
  5. doberman love

    Doberman Related Chat
    I am new to Doberman the site...I would like to share with anyone interested...i have created an album on my myspace page called "Doberman Love". My 2 year old dobie lost his 12 year old dobie a few months ago. She never really wanted much to do with him, but he so tried. We were...