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  1. Eyes Rolling Back?

    Doberman Health
    Hi all-- My Doberman has been struggling with his eyes rolling back in his head lately, and it appears to be out of nowhere. Does anyone have any experience with this? I noticed him staying really still (while standing) for about 4-5 minutes (which I think is kinda long), so I went over and...
  2. Help: My Dobie has a huge bump/lump on his back

    Doberman Health
    Hello, My 5 month year old doberman has a big bump /lump on his back. I noticed this big bump on his back that was soft. I ended taking him to the vet and they drained what was in it which was blood and gave him a penicillin shot as well as some antibiotics. The doctor said his first though is...
  3. Bloat in Dobermans

    Doberman Health
    Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a doberman puppy in a few months, and I've been doing some research about doberman health issues. Bloat sounds really scary, and I was wondering whether it was very common among healthy dobermans? What can you do to prevent it? One website said that heavy exercise...