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  1. 7 Month old barking at strangers

    General Training & Obedience
    Hey there, We have a 7- 1/2 Month old male who we love to bits and is absolutely great. Although When we walk him off leash he is very alert and aware of his surroundings, he will walk ahead stop look at us and come back when he is called. which is great ! but if he spots someone walking...
  2. Hello from a Fellow Doberman Lover

    New member introduction
    Hello to everyone! My name is Linda and I've owned Dobermans for the past 30 years. I got my first doberman as a teen and it was love at first sight. I have owned dobermans ever since and can't imagine life without one. There came a time in my life where I needed a service dog and of course I...
  3. DCM...need advice.

    Doberman Health
    Our 6 year old boy Klaus was diagnosed with DCM in July. We started with our vet, who referred us to an amazing Cardiologist. We now have him on Lasix. Pimo, and enpril (sp). Since July he has had pneumonia twice. The anitbiotics helped for a short time, but after he is done with the cycle his...
  4. Northern Dobies

    Canada Region
    Hi everyone! I'm from Northern Ontario, and was wondering if there's any other Dobie owners who'd like to talk about making a get-together. I'm in the North Bay area, and have been thinking of either having a weekly meet up for our fur kids to socialize, (or if going for a larger area/region)...
  5. Hello All

    New member introduction
    This is Ethirajan from India and i own a male Dobie named ASH who is now 14 months old and measures 26.5 to shoulder and weighs 26 Kgs. Is this height and weight normal for a dobie at this age? Will he grow and muscle up further?? I feed him with Royal Canin Maxi!! He is very active and always...
  6. Please help - Hunter's diet

    Food and Feeding
    Hi, I'm looking on some feedback from other Dobe lovers out there that may have recommendations based on the following info. Hunter is a male dobe, 11 months @ 32kg. He has been fed 2-3 times a day with a diet consisting of raw chicken (lunch) and science diet puppy (dry) for breakfast and...
  7. Whats With Ppl?!

    Doberman Related Chat
    Ok So Why In The World Are ppl Saying Dobermans Are Such Bad Dogs?! I Have A Warlock Doberman Male && He Is A GREAT Dog! He Is Sooo Sweet And Yet Ppl Are Scared Of Him And They Say How Bad Of A Rep. Tht Dobermans Have?!! What Is The Rep. Everyone Is Tlkin About? I Mean I See No Problem With A...
  8. Attn: Doberman Rescues

    Doberman Rescue
    Doberman Chat Wants your Dogs... Doberman Chat is a discussion resource dedicated to Doberman Rescue. We now finally have our new rescue database in place for your adoptable dogs on our brand new rescue portal. In appreciation of all the hard work and dedication rescue groups and volunteers...