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  1. Any info on Zelta Eldridge in Southern Illinois

    Breeding and Breeders
    Anyone have experience with Zelta Eldridge out of Southern Illinois. I don't see a kennel name. Looks like she is having a littler soon: AKC DOBERMAN PINSCHER PUPPIES Beautiful Litter coming February 2020! Sire “ Thunder Von Olivet” aka “Zeus” (Incredible Bloodlines)❤️ Dam “ Mica Princess Of...
  2. Seeking a breeder in the Tri-state area

    Breeding and Breeders
    Seeking advice/ direction please (Puppy) Hey guys, I just joined the forum and wanted to introduce myself.. I love the doberman breed and have my entire life.. I got my first (and only) dobie at 14; she lived 11 years and I've beed without a companion for 5 years... Closing on a house in 2...
  3. Looking for a good Doberman Breeder Quebec or Ontario Area

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi, I'am looking for a good doberman breeder in Quebec or Onatrio area. In Quebec they banned ear cropping so the prices for a puppy is roughly 3500 which I find steep. And some places no longer offer ear cropping because they don't want the hassle to go out of the province to crop ears. I'm...
  4. Doberman breeders in NY or any surronding states

    Breeding and Breeders
    hey guys i have been researching about dobermans for over a year now and absolutely love the breed. I have been searching for a breeder for about two months now, i am 16 years old and love dogs i train dogs well and have a great connection with them. Anyways i was wondering if you guys knew any...
  5. Looking for a Doberman in Hawaii.

    Breeding and Breeders
    I will be getting into Hawai'i in a month and I've been looking for a breeder or shelter. I've tried the doberman club in Hawai'i but he said he didn't know of a breeder(which I think is Bs but ok). Anyone know of a breeder or puppies in need of a home?
  6. Looking for a good breeder in or near Colorado…

    Breeding and Breeders
    Looking for a good breeder in or near Colorado… My husband and I are looking for a Dobe as a pet/companion and have been doing a ton of reading & research on the breed health, tests, temperament, training, etc over the last several months... We've both owned a variety of dogs throughout our...