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doberman adoption

  1. Looking into getting a doberman

    New member introduction
    Good morning, I have never owned a dog before but I have been looking into getting a doberman for the past week... I want this decision to be a well thought process and that I have all the information before committing for the next 10-15 years. As I have never owned a dog before, I am...
  2. In Search of a 1-3 Year old dobbie

    Doberman Rescue
    Hello all, I am very new to this forum but it is great to see that all off us share the same love for this majestic breed. I am looking to adopt/rescue a doberman and am kindly asking for any feedback on where to look. I currently live in NC but do not mind traveling a reasonable distance if I...
  3. Bringing Ivy Home

    Doberman Related Chat
    We adopted a doberman today! Ivy (formerly Roxie) has found her furever home! I had made a nervous post asking for advice on having two females together. We have another female doberman at home. It's only the first night home but girls are getting along fantastic. They were running and playing...