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  1. Obedience, Agility, and Working Sports
    Hi guys. If anyone saw my last post about breeders in the DelCo area, I've decided on either raindance or feverhaus, depending on who has a litter I could get a puppy from first. I liked Holloway too, but they required a fully fenced yard and I have too much property for that to be an option...
  2. Puppy Corner
    Hello guys, i have a 3months dobe puppy who has that "growth disorder" (called like that in my country) i go to the vet 15 days ago and he gave me Calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 powder. At 10th day she was standing perfectly now she start to stand with the crooked feet (you will see in the...
  3. Doberman Related Chat
    So I have noticed in the long time I have been on this site (always lurked never really made an account until recently as I never really wanted to get involved) that things have gotten so.....superficial. I honestly have NEVER in my 30 years with the breed and a few others ever seen so much...
  4. Cuddle Buddies

    Kane and Priya doing what they do best...cuddling
  5. Doberman Related Chat
    Hi all, I've been reading the forum for years now and only now decided to post. We are picking up our lovely 1 year old female next week. She is very well socialized and grew up around older kids and dogs. We got our previous dobe almost same day our son was born and the basically grew up...
  6. Doberman Rescue
    I came across this Craigslist ad from someone in Sierra Vista that needs to re-home their 1 year old, AKC registered dobergirl. Is anyone able to help her find a safe and forever home or a foster or rescue? I would take her in a heartbeat, but I have my two dobes and my shepherd and am...
  7. Breeding and Breeders
    Hi I'm new to the forum but recently am interested in Terri Limborg's doberman puppies. What are people's experiences with her? Thanks
  8. Obedience, Agility, and Working Sports
    How do you feel about "decoy dogs"? I've been an avid hunter since I was very young and was recently introduced to decoy dogs for coyote hunting. I have a co-worker whom tells me the best decoy dog he ever had was a dobe. They're intense speed, fearless-ness, huge prey drive and the ability for...
  9. Ear Cropping and Posting
    okay, so i just bought a 5 week old Doberman and the breeder told me to get his ears clipped at 6-9 weeks.. well I've had one vet tell me 7-8, another vet says right at about 9 weeks which is the "prime" time for the cartlidge to stand without little wrapping them if any ("more naturaly"), and a...
  10. Puppy Corner
    It's been a while since I have been on and decided to take a few shots of Wrigley and our son today. Also one from about a month ago with ears posted enjoying the sun. Can't believe how she is growing! Enjoy! http://IMG_4788.JPG Posted and sunbathing http://IMG_4848.JPG Sleeping at my feet...
  11. Our Fawn Dobe

    This is our fawn female Dobie @ roughly 5 weeks of age.
  12. Our Fawn Dobe

    This is our fawn female Dobie @ roughly 5 weeks of age with her only two brothers.
1-15 of 15 Results