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  1. Head shaking (posted ears). What causes that??

    Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hello forum, I know that somewhere exist a post similar to this, but i cant find it!! Happens that I have a 4mo dobe and I cropped her ears 20 days ago. I use the backer rod method... But 2 things are going on here. 1)_ everytime I change her post, I take them out smelling bad and with a brown...
  2. Dobbie vs GSD please help

    Doberman Related Chat
    Ok, I have owned trained tons of dogs from all kinds. malamutes to Pomeranians. I live in a huge house. I wanna buy a new dog i narrowed to a dobbie and a gsd which should i get and why? I have the time to take care of them. Please state the difference in terms of INTELLIGENCE, STAMINA...