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  1. Need advice with Dandruff on Hypothyroid young dog

    Doberman Health
    Hello, I am needing some advice about some MAJOR dandruff in my 2 year old (black and tan) male who is also hypothyroid. When he was younger he had a gorgeous, glossy coat. BACKGROUND: I realize hypothyroidism is a cause of flaky skin, and before he started taking thyrotabs, he was balding...
  2. Excessive dandruff and horrible smell

    Doberman Health
    Hello, Thor is now 14months old and he's a beautiful Doberman. Over the past couple of months he's been having severe dandruff and a very rotten smell. I bathe him once a month but even after his bath you can still smell that bad smell on his coat. His entire coats becomes white as if you put...
  3. Bald spots/hot spots on my year old dobe

    Doberman Health
    Hello! My red Doberman (Bailey) has bald patches from her neck down to her tail and some on her belly. The lady at petsmart called them hotspots. She told me to give her garlic and yeast pills to help clear them up, which we've been doing for a week with no improvement. She's had loose stool the...
  4. Dry Itchy Skin

    Doberman Health
    Hello Everyone... This is my first post :-) Our new pup (male, 4 months) has been having some issues with his coat. When we got him, he was shiny and dandruff free. We transitioned him off of Nutrience to Wellness Large Breed Puppy over a 2 week span (upgrade in my opinion) but we have noticed...
  5. Dandruff

    Doberman Health
    Hi my name is James. I have recently rescued a red/rust Doberman. When I got her is was 10 months old. I took her to the vets the next day. The vet said she was underweight, worms, hair loss from a poor diet, dandruff, and some other little things. The person I rescued her from said she was fix...