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  1. Puppy bed sizes

    Puppy Corner
    Hi everyone, I have a new 8 week old pup coming at the end of November. I have a quick question...I bought a 42” crate along with a divider. For his pup stages, what size of bed and divide should I have in the crate? I want him to have enough room to sleep comfortably but restricted enough not...
  2. Crate training

    Puppy Corner
    Hi, I am getting a new puppy soon, and was wondering at what stage do you start crate training? As soon as they get home (like, would you expect them to sleep in their crate the first night home?), or do you wait until they settle in a bit? If so, where do they sleep until then? Thanks, Kate
  3. Crate size

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi, I am getting a doberman puppy in a few months and was wondering what size crate people would recommend? The one I was looking at was 107cm long, 71cm wide and 76cm high. Would this be large enough for an adult, or would I need a larger size? Thanks!
  4. 3 month old Mila- crate training and fear of strangers

    Puppy Corner
    Hi All, We would like to introduce Mila, our 14 week old dobe! We have had her for about 6 weeks now and most things are going great! A few questions and need for advice though... First, we are crate training her while we are at work. Either my boyfriend or I will stop home at lunch and take...
  5. Help!!!

    Doberman Related Chat
    I have a 6 month old Dobe that we got at 14 weeks old. He has been crate trained in the past, but lately he will not stop pooping in his crate SEVERAL times a day. I really need some help because I'm losing my mind with the smell. Here is what we've tried: Making his space smaller giving him...
  6. Separation Anxiety

    General Training & Obedience
    I have a 14 week old Doberman (Klaus) that has an extreme case of serparation anxiety. We got him a week ago, and yesterday was the first time that he had been truly alone. We have another dog and cat, but the dog was taken to get groomed. I have never seen a dog go absolutely mad the way he...
  7. Skin care, walking, ears and everything else.

    Doberman Related Chat
    Firstly, thank you to everyone in this community. Before I bought my doberman I spent months on this website ready and learning. You have to read and make your own decisions based on different experiences. So I thought I would offer mine and maybe someone will read it and it might help them. So...
  8. Can I let my puppy play in the back yard by himself while I'm home?

    Puppy Corner
    My Doberman is almost 5 months old and I did what everyone does when you get a puppy....I got fence. So now I have a 120ft x 120 fenced in back yard and I was all excited to let him go out and play. now though, I'm reading on the internet that might not be teh best idea in th world. I work...
  9. Need Functional Idea for Dog Crate

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hey! I am moving into a one bedroom apartment soon along with my 65 pound Dobie pup, Toffee, and my 5 pound MaltiPoo, Crissy! It will be a very small apartment and obviously Toffee has a very large crate... (42"L x 28"W x 30"H) and I want to build (or have something built) that can incorporate...
  10. Dobie Crate Sizing Help!

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hey yall! I recently graduated from college and moved back in with my parents. My 11 month old Dobie, Toffee, lived with me in my apartment (crate trained) until I moved back home and my parents won't allow him in the house so he stays outside in the kennel. I am now moving back to college for...
  11. Specific Crate Question.

    Puppy Corner
    Hi All I have read through several of the crate posts/articles on the forum and I have not found the answer to this question- Is it ok to move a pup's crate around the house? If not, is it ok to have two crates? We're getting our new boy in less than two weeks, have not been able to think...
  12. Crating Advice

    Doberman Related Chat
    My Dobe, Red, is 2 years old we adopted him on July 3rd and he has been good in his crate during the day while we are gone until just a few days ago. He shredded his crate pad I fixed it and put it back in next day he did it again and so on until it was no longer fixable. We give him a treat in...