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  1. Having a little contest Need your help!

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    I have been really getting into photography for a while now and though I'm in the beginning stages and still a little inexperienced, a little business is definitely something I want to persue! I never realized how much interest there was in selling my pictures I took at lure coursing events...
  2. Did someone say puppy of the month photo?

    Puppy Corner
    i though i read something in a post a few days ago about a contest for a puppy of the month type thing? yes? no?
  3. Photo contest for dog lovers

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    Hi guys, I organized photo contest for dog lovers around the world "Those amazing eyes..." that started on 14 Nov on Pets Area: Photo Contest 'Those Amazing Eyes...' - Page 1 of 4 The winner will get $50 gift certificate for a collar or leash offered by Join the contest...
  4. Wondering if Doberman people could help me

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi. I'm new here, but have had Dobermans for almost 6 years now. My oldest turns six in June. When he was a pup, I had a LOT of time for him, and a lot of great support & advice. He's very well trained, a sweet heart. A few months ago I took in a rescue girl (fawn Dobie) who had been left...