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  1. New member introduction
    Hello, I am a new member :x. My husband Ray and I have been members of the DPCA and DPCM since 1992. We purchased our foundation bitch from Pam Hughes of Hugadobe in 1991. When Flash finished we bred her to Deerdield's Druid, since then we have been blessed with 18 champions with very limited...
  2. The Show Ring
    Hey fellow dobe lovers! :) I have lurked on this site many times but I figured it was time to finally become a member! Hehe. I have 2 beautiful dobes - an american female who is a year and a half (Mika!) and a 9 month Euro male (Dixon). I am looking at maybe training Dixon for conformation...
  3. The Show Ring
    I have a male 9 month old dobie that is supposed to be a show prospect dog. He is a little on the small side 25 1/2 inch currently he is still growing But the more I look at him the more i think he may be a little too short in the back legs. Opinions wanted (he is not staked just snaped a pic...
  4. Are His Legs Too Short

    Are His Legs Too Short