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  1. Snow Question and Pics

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hey everybody! So tomorrow Zeus has a playdate with some of his buddies from class. Most of them are long coated dogs. The play session is taking place at a ski area in the mountains, so of course there will be snow on the ground! Being a Central Texas girl, I barely know how to dress myself for...
  2. Doberman

    Doberman Health
    Hi guys I am not sure where to post this but for the last 7-8 years my neighbors have kept a doberman it their backyard. Keep in mind that they have other homes and come here once in a while (2-3 times per month).They come and feed it but no one here has ever seen them walk the dog ( we are a...
  3. Your Dobes tolerance to the cold

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    So my Dobie has horrible cold tolerance for cold. Even the slightest chill will send her snuggling up to me shivering. This morning at around 8am or so was 18*C outside (64.4 Fahrenheit) and I sleep with my window open (No wind, No rain). When I woke up I didn't find it cold at all, and I...
  4. Awesome dog blanket sale w/ links

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    For those of us in cold weather, I have found the best heavy dog blanket and they are currently on sale for $20!!!. Below is the link. I have used these for the last couple years and couldn't be happier. The fleece lining is very thick and this blanket is longer than any of the ones I've seen...