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cold weather

  1. Dry Skin

    Puppy Corner
    Hi, our pup Max has dry skin. The vet gave us Omega 3 supplement for his food yesterday to help. He's had only 1 bath with oatmeal shampoo and we know not to shampoo too often and use wipes if needed for cleaning. It has been unusually cold here as well (he is an indoor dog, only outside for...
  2. doberman in cold weather?

    Doberman Health
    i'm wanting to bring my 5 month old boy running with me (running buddy for me, exercise for him!) but i don't want him to be miserable, ya know? it'll be about a 3 mile walk/jog right by the water. it's currently 51 degrees and windy with some sun (finally!) - will he be okay to join me with...
  3. Your Dobes tolerance to the cold

    Doberman Related Chat
    So my Dobie has horrible cold tolerance for cold. Even the slightest chill will send her snuggling up to me shivering. This morning at around 8am or so was 18*C outside (64.4 Fahrenheit) and I sleep with my window open (No wind, No rain). When I woke up I didn't find it cold at all, and I...
  4. Dobermanns and the cold

    Product Reviews
    Hi all, It has turned cold here in Toronto and we have our first snow of the year. Clover, my 8 month old puppy, seems very uncomfortable in the cold and doesn't want to go outside. Our normal routine is an hour walk/playtime in the morning, a half hour walk sometime in the afternoon and...