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  1. When did I become a well trained human?

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    We have a small house 900 sq ft and in the small house is a small couch and on the small couch is a couch hog and she is stretched from one end to the other. So when did my couch become a doberman bed and when did I become the well trained human that is sitting on the cold hard floor so that the...
  2. Look who's turning 2 years old today

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    :happybirt:happybirt I can't believe my baby Cinnia is two years old today! Her day started with a mini pedi (getting her nails done) which did not make her happy then evil mommie dragged her out into the yard for a photo shoot and to make it worse I made her wear not one but two party hats...
  3. Cinnia and her new jammies!

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    Here is Cinnia in her new fleece Jammies. She loves to be warm and cozy. Finding jammies to fit the doberman chest was hard but I was luck to find this wonderful lady with greyhounds who made Cinnia's jammies. She has several diffferent styles and fleece colors and is very reasonable check her...
  4. Wildwind's Cinnia Rose (Cinnia) 18 months old

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    Where has all the time gone? One day she's my baby and now she is a young lady. Here she is Wildwind's Cinnia Rose 18 months old and other then allergies she is finally healthy!