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  1. My odd pets

    Non Doberman Animal Talk
    Well besides the new dobe I have a cat named Football of course and he is the smartest pet I own he comes when called sits and does several other tricks including playing tag and Hide and go seek. Idk how often people strive to train cats but the easiest way to get them to work is to find...
  2. My e-collar experience and how I fixed my dog's fixation with the cat

    General Training & Obedience
    Well, I hope not being initiating a hot topic or debate about if e-collars are cruel, good or bad, but just want to share my experience with this tool, after 1 week of BARELY usage with Rosa, which is almost 9 month old now. As "disclaimer" :-) ... I would like to say she knows the basic...
  3. Update on the Curly Coated Cat

    Non Doberman Animal Talk
    Returning from Australia I found that my fears regarding Evania's coat were totally unfounded. I've got a curly Cornish! I also have a highly energetic, dog toy stealing, ball fetching, railing balancing, wrapper stealing, monkey of a Cornish rex. I forgot how CRAZY kittens are at this age. It's...
  4. Sarge And Lulu

    Sarge And Lulu

  5. Sarge And Lulu

    Sarge And Lulu

  6. Sarge And Lulu

    Sarge And Lulu

  7. Bismarck & Murdock

    Bismarck & Murdock

    Bizzy loves to cuddle with one of our cats.