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breeder reference

  1. New to Dobie World

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi everyone... My husband and I have begun the long process of finding our fur baby. We have fallen in love with the breed and their personality. We are willing to wait and invest all the time and money needed to find our "perfect" pup. We want a puppy who is loving, loyal and healthy. We are...
  2. Help !! Breeders of texas

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi everybody, i'm looking for a dobe puppy in TX, (or closest states to it) specifically RED female mostly EURO ( someone told me that 100% true euro can be only black, is it true?) Does anyone know any trustworthy breeders in TX or its surroundings ? There's one breeder was recommended to me a...
  3. Working prospect puppy??

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hello everyone! I finally decided to join the site today after coming across it so many times when searching for dobe related info in the past. It seems like a great resource for gathering educated input, so here goes... I am ready to begin the process of purchasing my next Doberman, and I...
  4. Recommendations for breeders in Washington and Oregon?

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi there! My husband and I are looking to add a male Doberman puppy to our family as a companion dog. We have been researching breeders in Washington state and Oregon. Does anyone have any specific recommendations? I have seen lots of names on various websites but am having trouble sorting...
  5. Dogghouse Domberman Ont - reference?

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi there, I have been on the search for a breeder in the (Southern) Ontario, CA area and ran across puppies from Dogghouse Dobermans. I happen to run across this on Kijiji, so I'm sure a lot of you will have a lot to say about that, but if you've heard of this breeder, could you please let me...