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blue dobe

  1. I need some help/advice!!!

    Puppy Corner
    Drax is 8 mnths old & of course he's going to do typical puppy things like tear up my couch pillows, stand on the sink, or get into the trash when im not looking. �� my main issue is his whining!!! We go to the park, we go on walks, he plays in the backyard with the kids (whom he...
  2. WA breeder of my rescued blue dobie?

    Breeding and Breeders
    This is a super long shot -- but does anyone know of a breeder in the Seattle area who had a litter on 8/29/2010? We rescued a blue Dobie whose first owner lived in Kent, WA. It's great that we know his birthdate, but we would love to find out something about his parents and their health. He...
  3. We are getting our boy on Sat morning!

    Puppy Corner
    I recently posted this over at the breeder section on DT: I really appreciated all the responses- but they also got me to thinking that maybe (at least for now) I should stick with what I know...and...
  4. blue dobe-to wash or not?

    Doberman Health
    Hi, my blue dobe has CDA as well as a thyroid complaint so has very bad skin/hair. I have read that it is wise to only bathe her twice a year max, but her skin is so dry that after a couple of weeks she tends to smell. She recieves an essential fatty acid suppliment to help the condition from...