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  1. European or American: whats the difference?

    Doberman Health
    Hi everyone, I have used this site for a few years but just now a member! I have had dobermans growing up but now that im an adult, I am looking for my own Dobie. I have seen on threads that European Dobies have more health issues (perhaps due to their larger size?), but other than that I dont...
  2. Cyryl Best Cerber Bloodline. Alexander Doberman puppy

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi, I am thinking about purchasing a 6 month old puppy from Alexander Dobermans (John Alexander of Florida). The puppy's sire is Best Cerber Alexander Velky Magnum (from Cyryl Best Cerber) and dam Alexander's Zsa Zsa Gabor (can't find any information on her really). I have always owned...
  3. American vs Euro/south american

    Doberman Related Chat
    I'm looking at getting our first dobe after just losing our border collie. I've met a couple of dobermans that have been so placid and gentle, and that was what has made me fall in love with these gorgeous dogs. After finding a good breeder I have been told that the bitch that's being bred is...