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  1. Bloat

    Doberman Health
    As most of you remember Roxy bloated about a month ago. Here is our episode about it. I hope all the information is correct and I put a link to a great bloat group in the description. You can hear in my voice how frustrated I was getting about the lack of urgency (something most of you are...
  2. Old dog, new tricks!

    General Training & Obedience
    Weekly, I have been sending fun dog training videos to my sister to work with her dogs just for a bit of fun. This week I was training Jax to pop his nose in a mud boot (random I know) Anyway, Roxy was watching and wanted to try, so I let her join in and hands down she beat Jax with speed of...
  3. Roxy bloated :(

    Doberman Health
    Sorry I didn’t post earlier, but honestly I can’t cope with this again right now. But around 7/8pm Sunday night Roxy was restless and pacing, her stomach looked a little large so we took her to the local animal hospital to be safe. And sure enough she had bloated, full torsion !! A hefty deposit...
  4. Gastropexy preventative surgery and Bloat

    Doberman Health
    Has anyone ever gotten "gastropexy" preventative surgery for their Dobermans, or known someone who has??? My vet scared me a little last night describing what "bloat" is in larger dogs. Is this preventative surgery a good/bad idea? Thanks.
  5. Bloat in Dobermans

    Doberman Health
    Hi, I'm looking at purchasing a doberman puppy in a few months, and I've been doing some research about doberman health issues. Bloat sounds really scary, and I was wondering whether it was very common among healthy dobermans? What can you do to prevent it? One website said that heavy exercise...
  6. *suspected* BLOAT

    Doberman Health
    hi! im new in here. Ill be frank about our situation here in our country. We do not have experienced Vet or vet clinic like your country have so its really hard to find a good clinic that can surely help you and your pet's health problems. I currently owned a 2 year old doberman mix. And i just...
  7. Bloat - Elevated (or) Lowered

    Doberman Health
    While looking for a new dog feeder I noticed a few website had disclaimers on the products * Not recommended for large breed dogs * Not recommended for deep chested breeds I was puzzled. I had always been told that Large breed dogs should be fed with an elevated dog feeder. However after doing...