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  1. Max

    max in 09/27/2013
  2. Max

    max in 09/27/2013
  3. Max

    max in 09/27/2013
  4. Dmitry Showing Off

    jumping to catch the ball in my backyard
  5. Doberman Related Chat
    Hey everyone! I have been researching the doberman for the last couple years and I am planning on getting one soon. I loved my uncle's doberman when I was little and set since I've been hooked. I have a male chihuahua mix at home that likes other dogs and is convicted that he is the size of...
  6. Pics Of Dash

    Pictures of my big, goofy guy dreaming of Fifi.
  7. New member introduction
    Hello, I am Mama T and I am a newer Dobermom. Our baby girl, Piper is 10 months old now and though not the littlest of the family, definitely the baby. We also have in the house a seven year old papillon, our four and a half year old daughter, our 14 month old daughter, my husband and myself...
  8. "judge" At 4 Months

    Before reposting we wanted to get a few good pictures of his beautiful ears!
1-20 of 41 Results