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black and tan

  1. Puppy Corner
    Rescue Dobie Puppies in Southern Orange County, California! Hi, I recently adopted a rescued Dobie puppy from CARMA in Mission Viejo, CA. Compassionate Animal Rescue for Medical Aid (CARMA). I believe the brown male, Rocky Road and the black female, Chocolate Chip, are still available. They...
  2. Doberman Rescue
    We recently lost our beloved companion Doberman, Dasher. We are hoping to find another Doberman to adopt to add to our family. We are both retired, are very active, and live in Maryland. We hope to adopt a 1-3 year old, black and tan, male Doberman that loves to go for walks, is great with...
  3. Puppy Corner
    Hello there, I just brought home a black Dobie puppy, but his markings are almost sand color, very light tan. Haven't seen other dogs with si light color, anyone else experienced this?
  4. New member introduction
    GANONDORF Ganon for short. This is my nine week old monster. A little more about our tiny family, Ganon came to me on my birthday [May first] I am a single mother of an ALMOST year old baby girl who is absolutely obsessed with Ganon. We live in Ventura, California where I am a dog groomer. Ganon...
  5. Mya And Mac

    Mya And Mac

    Our Female dobie at 3.5 months and our male Mac at 7 weeks
  6. Img 20120911 142407

    Img 20120911 142407

  7. Imag0304


  8. Img 1184

    Img 1184

  9. Pretty Paws

    Pretty Paws

    2months old, posing with her pretty paws
  10. Era Grass

    Era Grass

    after a bath and a new bandana
  11. Looking Regal

    Looking Regal

  12. Dobie Attack!

    Dobie Attack!

  13. His First Kill

    His First Kill

  14. Watching The Birds

    Watching The Birds

  15. 31marchphotos045 1

    31marchphotos045 1

    Airing out the ears
  16. De-stressing


  17. Dog In A Ball

    Dog In A Ball

  18. Lucky


  19. In The Yard

    In The Yard

  20. Logan