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black and rust

  1. Puppy Corner
    Here are some photos of wade running around being a goofball. On a side note: Don't mind the floppy ears :( He had an inner ear infection in both ears, and finally has gotten over the infection. Got them posted today so thats good news, although I feel like we went back 100 steps! Hopefully...
  2. Img 1506

    Img 1506

  3. "buddy" At 16weeks & 22lbs

    "buddy" At 16weeks & 22lbs

  4. Kali Learning Sit Pretty

    Kali Learning Sit Pretty

  5. Kali Ruling Mars

    Kali Ruling Mars

  6. Mars Bullying Kali

    Mars Bullying Kali

  7. Kali Napping

    Kali Napping