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  1. Puppy Corner
    We have a 12 week old female euro who is SUPER mouthy. We will be doing IGP with her and she comes from IPO3 bloodlines... she is high drive, high energy and very mouthy. I dont want to inhibit her bite, but she insists sometimes on biting us and that needs to stop. Her teeth are still puppy...
  2. New member introduction
    Hi, I am a new member here. I am cu caring for for my friends Doberman due to him falling ill. My First time EVER experience with this breed! I’m at my wits end here in NJ. I could use help locating a trainer that is experienced with Dobermans in NJ? He is turning 4 months November 8th
  3. General Training & Obedience
    At first I was sure that he was nipping because he's still just a puppy but then I started to notice that when he gets upset or wants something his own way he bites to hurt (I've received several scars and bruises) if we walk away from him he bites us on the butt or continuously bites at our...