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  1. Pregnant bitch loses all her training... help!

    General Training & Obedience
    Hi, i'm after some help while I'm waiting to get a profession trainer in. My Dobermann bitch is almost 3yrs and she is currently 8 weeks pregnant. She has always been very well behaved, she's never been aggressive (except her hatred of motorbikes!), she's been well socialised and loved playing...
  2. Newbie in Gilbert, Az w a Dobbie and a Yorkie!

    Southwest US Region
    Hello everyone, Read a few post about Dobs playing rough as pups and there is typically no harm. I agree, but mine plays "8 month old Dobbie Rough" with my 8 yr old YORKIE (Who has NEVER, other dogs, ball, Frisbee, nothing!).... Kinda no choice now... lol
  3. Dmitry Showing Off

    Dmitry Showing Off

    jumping to catch the ball in my backyard