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  1. Dobermans and Children??

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hello everyone! Me and my partner are looking to get a doberman in the near future. We are looking at having children in around 2 years time and we aim to have the dog trained by the time we have children. Should I be concerned about bringing in 2-3 children in to the house with the...
  2. New baby health concerns

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hey there!! Looking for some advice on a long standing discussion at my house...weighing heavy on my heart... My wife is pregnant and her due date is in 2 months. Our dob is 7, well-behaved although not trained very well (lots of anxiety led to unsuccessful training/obedience classes). He has...
  3. New Member :)

    New member introduction
    Hello all :) Just joined, wanted to introduce us. We have a 1 year old male fawn, well, at least he will be 1, on July 12th... And we just took on a rescue of a 5 week old female. We also have, which sometimes I almost forget because he is so little, a male Minpin who is almost 2. My husband...
  4. Introducing a 1 year old female to a 10 months old baby

    Doberman Related Chat
    Hi all, I've been reading the forum for years now and only now decided to post. We are picking up our lovely 1 year old female next week. She is very well socialized and grew up around older kids and dogs. We got our previous dobe almost same day our son was born and the basically grew up...
  5. New Puppy and Newborn Baby

    Puppy Corner
    For years my husband has been wanting another doberman. We just recently moved into a house and are allowed to have pets. The thing is, we pick up our doberman puppy when he is 7 weeks old and that is 11 days before my due date! I know raising a newborn baby and a puppy will be difficult...
  6. First time Doberman mommy. =) (pic heavy)

    Puppy Corner
    Well, my little Spencer ((Spenny.)) will be 8 wks. on Saturday! This is my first ever doberman (I've had scotties, rat terriers, GSDs, and a heeler.. lol) Is there anything specifically that I should know, in raising him? =) and here he is!!! V V V V ((these are pictures from his first day...