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  1. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hello all, I was wondering if there was anyone in the Austin, Texas area that is able to help me with posting my pups ears? I've noticed the list and contacted jennie but her last activity was almost 5 months ago so i wanted to put it in the thread as well. I've had a dobie before and it didnt...
  2. Doberman Related Chat
    I have a 2 year old white dobie that's never been able to play with another doberman. Im looking to set up a play date in Austin or see if there is a dobie meet up anywhere in Texas.
  3. Southcentral US Region
    I will be moving to Austin, TX in a couple of months for a new job, and will need to be renting an apartment downtown close to work (so renting a house from a private owner doesn't really seem like an option at this point..if at ALL possible). I personally have a renters insurance plan that...
  4. Dmitry Showing Off

    jumping to catch the ball in my backyard
  5. Doberman Rescue
    There is a woman here in Austin looking to re-home her three year old red Doberman (pictures below). Due to living and personal complications, she must find the dog a new home by early to mid-October. I have been interested in bring a Dobe into my home for some time now and am going to do a...
  6. Southcentral US Region
    Hello! My name is Yonelly Gutierrez and I own a 1 yr 3 month old red/rust male doberman. His name is Harley :D I created a doberman meetup group in Austin, TX and was wondering if any of you live in the Austin area and would like to meet other doberman owners here in Austin at public parks so...
  7. New member introduction
    I've been lurking around these parts for a while now. We're new to the breed, but not to dogs. We lost our 11 year old labby mutt man last year to liver failure and we currently have a 6 year old adopted bagel girl (Basset/Beagle mix...seriously, it looks like someone welded the top of a beagle...
  8. Puppy Corner
    Hi all! I'm a new mommy to a beautiful little black and rust girl named Dash. My husband and I are looking to have her ears cropped, but we are having a hard time finding a vet in the Austin (or surrounding areas, preferably no further than an hour away) that will do it. We realize it is...
1-8 of 8 Results