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  1. Breeding and Breeders
    We are looking at Larry Jay Kye as seen on Facebook. Does anyone have experience with this breeder? A search using his name came up empty here. :confused: thanks, bill
  2. New member introduction
    Figured I'd stay in the loop of the DT world!! I just got a Black Dobe puppy and LOVE him so far, he's a little pistol! I'd put a picture but im not sure how to.. he's in the gallery! haha :)
  3. Vincent the Protector

    Vincent the Protector

    i Got Vincent in Perryville, AR for my birthday, i love puppies but i cant wait for him to grow up!
  4. New member introduction
    Well, actually an Arkansas transplant in Colorado. My husband and I are originally from NW Arkansas but he is active duty in the Marine Corps and stationed at Buckley AFB but we live out in town in Aurora. I am a full time college student, Intern for a 3-letter Gov agency, and housewife. We are...