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  1. Looking for a good Doberman Breeder Quebec or Ontario Area

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    Hi, I'am looking for a good doberman breeder in Quebec or Onatrio area. In Quebec they banned ear cropping so the prices for a puppy is roughly 3500 which I find steep. And some places no longer offer ear cropping because they don't want the hassle to go out of the province to crop ears. I'm...
  2. What to expect from a European/American Doberman Mix??

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hello, I'm living down in Mexico in Puerto Vallarta, and Habana (my bitch) will have her 4th heat, and I want to breed her, but here, in this area, I can't find a Pedigree American Doberman male, I found an European one, and I've been wondering, if I put them together, would that be good? what...
  3. American vs Euro/south american

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    I'm looking at getting our first dobe after just losing our border collie. I've met a couple of dobermans that have been so placid and gentle, and that was what has made me fall in love with these gorgeous dogs. After finding a good breeder I have been told that the bitch that's being bred is...