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  1. Brandon Mississippi Looking for AKC Doberman

    Breeding and Breeders
    Hi there, I am looking for a Doberman Pinscher puppy in my area -- Brandon, MS. I am not interested in any mixed breeds, please. It must be full breed and have registration. I prefer black and tan, and I also prefer male, but gender is not as firm as color. I would also prefer that the tail is...
  2. Finding a breeder

    Breeding and Breeders
    Good day all, I live in NYC. I have been trying to find a proper and honest dob breeder forever now. I am thinking in giving up on this already. It seems to me that you cannot even trust AKC information. Can someone please sagest one. I am even willing to pay a shipping fee for a good dog...
  3. Please help me pick a registered name for my pup!

    Puppy Corner
    The breeder did not give a theme. I would like to include his call name, Zeus (ya I know real original lol). He is red/rust. His sire's name is Chris Miratio and his dam's name is Cinnamon Star's Roxie. So their names don't give me diddly squat to work with :/ His sire is a European import...
  4. Alert - someone selling pedigree and AKC papers

    Breeding and Breeders
    This is an ad i saw on ebay classifieds. doberman altobello pedigree papers and akc when i called the person who posted the ad said they were just selling papers not a dog. when i asked who would want to buy them they said someone who is breeding and needs papers. i assume this is illegal. is...
  5. Kemba Showing Off Abit.

    Kemba Showing Off Abit.

    7 month doberman
  6. Question for you!

    New member introduction
    Hello everyone. I'm new here! I am in the process of purchasing a doberman. I've already chosen him and will pick him up on the weekend (6weeks old). Can anyone give some tips on what to look for to ensure that he is purebred. I want to be sure that I am getting what I'm paying for. He will...