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  1. Ear Cropping and Posting
    Hi Everyone, First off, I am new to this forum and am a first time doberman owner and the new love of my life is my new puppy Louie! I have a unique situation that i couldnt solve by reading through old threads so i decided to give it a shot with this. Anyways, I love the look of dobies with...
  2. Doberman Related Chat
    My doberman is about 1 year old. I have read a lot about dobermans having male on male aggression issues. Some folks in different forums and websites are quite certain that this Is true of most dobermans. I have socialized my puppy regularly and I have two other male adult dogs and two cats that...
  3. Doberman Related Chat
    hi, Im new here.. I haven't got my dobie as of yet, but I am rescuing one very soon.I cant decide between male or female, and age ? I have 2 grandkids, one 7mo,one 4. Of course I plan on obed. training, and what not. I just wanted a few peoples input. I am so excited! But truly want to make the...
  4. Puppy Corner
    Please help is 4 months old too old to have ears cropped sucessfully, How can i tell? Every website says something different?
1-4 of 4 Results